Stay tuned for more cities

Sept 28 at 7:30pm              Doris Duke Theatre, Honolulu Museum of Art Honolulu, HI
Sept 29 at 1pm            Doris Duke Theatre, Honolulu Museum of Art Honolulu, HI
Oct 1 at 7pm                Doris Duke Theatre, Honolulu Museum of Art Honolulu, HI

Sept 29 - Oct 5, 2017        Cinema 21                                                          Portland, OR

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August 17th, 2017                    Pickford Film Center                        Bellingham, WA

Aug 18 - Aug 20, 2017             All Saints Cinema, Tallahassee Film Society - Tallahassee, FL

August 21st, 2017                    Bear Tooth Theatrepub & Grill        Anchorage, AK

Opened Aug 4th, 2017            Tower Theatre at Miami Dade          Miami, FL

Opened Aug 4th, 2017            The Loft                                           Cobourg, ON, Canada

Opened July 28th, 2017          Hyland Cinema                                London, ON, Canada

Opened July 28th, 2017          Parkway                                           Baltimore, MD

Opened July 28th, 2017          Harris Theater                                  Pittsburgh, PA

Opened July 21st, 2017           SIE Film Center                                Denver, CO

Opened July 21st, 2017           Cinema Detroit                                Detroit, MI

Opened July 21st, 2017           Palace Picture House                      Chattanooga, TN

Opened July 14th, 2017           Pelham Picture House                     Pelham, NY

Opened July 14th, 2017           Mayfair Theatre                               Ottawa, ON, Canada

Opened July 8th,  2017           Vancity Theatre                               Vancouver, BC, Canada

Opened July 7th,  2017           Esquire Theatre                               Cincinnati, OH

Opened July 7th, 2017            The Broadway Theatre                    Saskatoon, SK, Canada

Opened June 30th, 2017         Lark Theater                                    Larkspur, CA

Opened July 1st, 2017              Saratoga Film Forum                       Saratoga Springs, NY

Opened June 30th, 2017         Carlton Cinema                               Toronto, ON, Canada

Opened June 30th, 2017         Facets Cinematheque                     Chicago, IL

Opened June 30th, 2017         Zeitgeist Multidisciplinary Arts Center - New Orleans, LA

Opened June 30th,  2017         Harkins Valley Art                            Tempe, AZ

Opened June 23, 2017             Real Art Ways                                  Hartford, CT

Opened June 23rd, 2017          Osio Theater                                   Monterey, CA

Opened June 23rd, 2017          Celebration - Woodland 14              Grand Rapids, MI

Opened June 16th, 2017            Angelika Pop-Up @ Union Market   Washington, D.C. 

Opened June 16th, 2017            Cinema Salem                                 Salem, MA

Opened June 16th, 2017            The State Theatre                           Modesto, CA

Opened June 9th, 2017             Westpark 8                                      Irvine, CA

Opened June 9th, 2017             Media Arts Center                           San Diego, CA

Opened June 9th, 2017             Angelika Pop-Up                             San Diego, CA

Opened June 9th, 2017             Laemmle's Town Center 5               Los Angeles, CA (Encino)

Opened June 9th, 2017             Laemmle Ahrya Fine Arts                Los Angeles, CA (Beverly Hills)

Opened June 2nd, 2017            Village East Cinema                         New York, NY

Opened May 19th, 2017             Roxie Theater                                   San Francisco, CA         

27/10/2016                  CPH PIX                                                           Copenhagen, Danemark

21/10/2016                   Comedy Cluj IFF                                              Cluj, Romania

20/10/2016                  Viennale                                                           Vienna, Austria

20/10/2016                  Mostra Sao Paulo International Film Festival    Sao Paulo, Brazil            

19/10/2016                  Film Festival Osnabrueck                                  Osnabrueck, Germany   

09/10/2016                 Warsaw Film Festival                                          Warsaw, Poland

06/10/2016                 Bogota International Film Festival                      Bogota, Colombia

06/10/2016                 Films from the South                                          Oslo, Norway

05/10/2016                 Festival du Nouveau Cinéma                             Montreal, Canada

29/09/2016               Vancouver International Film Festival                  Vancouver, Canada

24/09/2016               Almaty Eurasia International Film Festival            Almaty, Kazakhstan

22/09/2016                Milwaukee Film Festival                                      Milwaukee, USA

16/09/2016                 Silver Screen Asian Arts Film Programming        Pittsburgh, USA

15/09/2016                 Focus on Asia Fukuoka International Film Festival Fukuoka, Japan

10/09/2016                 Vladivostok International Film Festival                Vladivostok, Russia

10/09/2016                 Split Film Festival                                                 Split, Croatia

08/09/2016                Milano FilmFestival                                               Milano, Italy             

08/08/2016                Anonimul IFF                                                         Anonimul, Romania

28/07/2016                 Melbourne International Film Festival                   Melbourne, Australia

14/07/2016                  New Zealand International Film Festival               Auckland, New Zealand

29/06/2016                 Cinema City International Film Festival                 Novi Sad, Serbie

23/06/2016                 Filmfest Munchen                                                  Munchen, Germany

16/07/2016                  Durban International Film Festival                         Durban, South Africa              

15/06/2016                  BAMcinemafest                                                     New York, USA

14/06/2016                  International Film Festival Zherkalo                       Ivanovo, Russia                      

21/04/2016                  Seattle IFF                                                             Seattle, USA                        

30/04/2016                 Jeonju IFF                                                              Jeonju, South Korea

21/04/2016                  San Francisco IFF                                                  San Francisco, USA

19/04/2016                  MOOOV                                                                 Brugges, Belgium                  

08/04/2016                 Taipei Golden Horse Fantastic Film Festival          Taipei, Taiwan

06/04/2016                 Curacao Rotterdam IFF                                           Curacao, Curacao

31/03/2016                   Vilnius International Film Festival                           Vilnius, Lithuania

27/01/2016                   Rotterdam International Film Festival                      Rotterdam, The Netherlands